Controlled Substance Offenses

Controlled substance offenses in Missouri are serious cases. There is no such thing as “simple” possession, drug cases are not simple. With few exceptions, possession of a controlled substance is a felony in Missouri, which means it can land the accused in prison. Possession cases can quickly turn into trafficking cases, and suddenly a client who was in the wrong place with the wrong people is facing serious prison time.


Regardless of the situation that led to your charge, an attorney experienced in defending these cases is Photo by Lt. Col. Jefferson Wolfevital. Was the Fourth Amendment violated? Was the Fifth Amendment violated? Is this really a controlled substance? Is the substance what the government claims it is? These are not always easy questions even for lawyers to answer, which is why the choice of an attorney is so important.


The criminal defense attorneys at Sartorius Kirsch have litigated hundreds of drug cases, including trying them to juries and getting drug cases dismissed when the courts ruled that evidence against our clients was illegally obtained. Schedule a meeting with our criminal defense attorneys so we can help you achieve the best results regardless of how serious the charges are.