Weapons Offenses

Weapons offenses are serious offenses and the allegation alone can be catastrophic. Regardless of whether anyone is injured, most weapons offenses in Missouri are felonies. As you can imagine, the allegation of committing a crime with a gun, or any other weapon, is not taken lightly and many gun crimes are referred for federal prosecution. 

Missouri has multiple weapons offenses in chapter 571 of the criminal code. Unlawful use of a weapon is one of the most commonly charged, particularly the provision making it a felony to exhibit a weapon in an angry or threatening manner. Both Missouri and federal law also make it a felony to possess a weapon if you have a felony conviction. Additionally, the armed criminal action statute allows the state to charge a separate felony for the use of a gun, or any dangerous instrument, in the commission of a felony. Prison time is mandatory for an armed criminal action conviction.

Call our office if you are charged with any weapons offense. You need criminal defense attorneys who are able to challenge the state’s assertions, especially when it comes to the lifelong consequence of weapons felonies. No two cases are the same; each client presents a unique case with its own issues. The criminal defense attorneys at Sartorius Kirsch are prepared to identify the issues and give your case the defense you deserve.