Homicide Charges

There is no question; you need a lawyer if there is even a possibility of a homicide charge. It is never too soon to hire an attorney for murder charges. Whether the police are only suspicious or charges have been filed, you need a lawyer. The slightest misstep, innocent as it may seem, can be the focus of a murder trial down the road. Defendants are scrutinized mercilessly; calls for their heads are common. You are probably familiar with a high profile Missouri case in which the defendant was excoriated for “acting too upset.” He was also, believe it or not, accused of having “too good” of an alibi. That defendant was convicted of murder and sentenced to life before ultimately being exonerated. This is the National Registry of Exonerations, many on this list were convicted of murders they did not commit.

Although many do not want to acknowledge it, we know innocent people are charged with serious crimes, even murder. The attorneys at Sartorius Kirsch have litigated murder cases, have defended against murder charges at trial, and have even gotten murder charges dismissed.

Not all homicides are murder 

In Missouri, murder is knowingly causing a person’s death. If the state alleges murder is committed after deliberation, that is murder in the first degree. Of course, there are lesser homicide charges. Manslaughter, vehicular homicides, DWI related fatalities are all homicide charges. The state is also increasing its use of the felony murder doctrine. This is an old legal principle that holds someone responsible for murder if anyone dies during the commission of a felony. Felony murder can be charged whether regardless if anyone involved in the crime wanted someone injured or not; and, whether the felony itself is dangerous or not. 

The state can charge homicide in a myriad of ways, and the attorneys at Sartorius Kirsch are prepared to defend them all. You deserve a strong, passionate defense when facing such a serious allegation and Sartorius Kirsch is prepared to launch that defense for you or your loved one. Call our office to schedule a free consultation.